About Me

My name is Staci Landis. Calling me Staci is just fine. I find that it is quite difficult to describe myself. However, describing myself as a wife, mother of 3 children & a woman who is passionate about the truth would be quite accurate. Truth is my life. From faith to health to world events, I desire to know the truth. No lies, no beating around the bush, no misguidings…truth.

This blog is a glimpse into my life, my thoughts & the truths I discover. This blog is named, “My Last Day Here”, because one of my deepest desires is to live my life in such a way that I will rarely regret my last day here whenever that may be. Nothing fancy, just realness & sometimes a bit of fun. Life is definitely not boring, so this blog definitely won’t be either!

I really enjoyspending time with my family,  reading, cooking, music & photography…so I will include posts on these topics from time to time.


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